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Welcome to

Energetic Science Ministries

Join us on a journey of discovery where we are unifying the quantum sciences with consciousness and spirit.

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The Collective Consciousness is the common connection between all things great and small, from the large-scale universe to the subatomic quantum world.

Our mission is to develop a unified spiritual and scientific model that seamlessly uncovers the connections between consciousness, the infinite quantum potential, and the large-scale universe.

The practical application of this understanding leads way to quantum leaps in healing modalities and technologies, sustainable energy technologies, consciousness sciences, advanced learning methodologies as well as an integrated holistic viewpoint of our spiritual connection with the whole.

Energetic Science Ministries Statement of Faith button


We believe that the entire universe is filled with infinite quantum light potential for the attainment of enlightened consciousness.

We believe that this quantum light potential has a holographic light record of everything in the past, present and future, and this is accessible.

We believe that, as human beings, we are reflections of the light with the ability to create in an infinite number of ways.

We believe that through the “Law of Attraction”, we have the potential to cause thoughts to manifest in our physical world through profound synchronicities.

We believe
that all humankind is connected at a fundamental level, and that the infinite quantum light potential is the power source of of this collective consciousness.

We believe
that each of us is responsible to conduct ourselves, individually, and in relation to all humankind, in a manner that reflects only light.

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